05.05.2016 21:30

Marco Haller shares Vienna experience with KATUSHA Sports

Hello to our Team KATUSHA fans!

Our team has been very busy this year. While we race all over the world, KATUSHA Sports is developing a line of performance sportswear that we sometimes train in to give important feedback to the designers of the clothing. All of this led to a nice event in Vienna to launch the brand in Austria and I was part of this nice event.

I traveled the 3 hours from my hometown of Klagenfurt to Vienna to be part of the product event on April 21st. We met with friends and fans in the evening at a very nice and classy bicycle shop called Veletage. In attendance that evening were people from all over the world – I even met some cyclists from San Diego, California!


I was wearing one of the new kits, the black and white from the Performance Collection, and was able to make some photos in front of the shop. I did a presentation all in English since we were such a diverse group and I had the opportunity to talk about the details of the kit, the special materials it is made from and the idea behind the project to create a KATUSHA community of both professional and pleasure cyclists. I have to say those in attendance were just what we hope to attract – there were some fans in business suits while others were in hipster baggy pants. We want to appeal to everyone!

This was the launch of the summer collection, called the Performance Collection. It’s just like a kit for the pros and has all of the important features we expect in our professional clothing. The quality is at the highest level and it’s very stylish and aero as well. I think the people in the crowd were very happy with what they saw.


Our evening together wasn’t only about the clothing, though. It was also good fun and a chance to meet and talk with fans. We don’t have so much time to do this at races. So I enjoyed sharing with the crowd how the product was developed and also shared with them stories from the peloton. In the background on TV screens were scenes from Flanders, Sanremo and Roubaix and they were interested in hearing about my experiences in the classics. I enjoyed having the time to connect face-to-face with our Team KATUSHA fans.

The next day was a very special one as we went for a bike ride. Veletage included a select group of clients and friends and we made a two hour ride in the hills around Vienna. It isn’t often that we get to interact so closely with non-professional riders, so it was a special moment for me as well as them.

Keep checking back to our team website for more events in the future! - Marco