18.01.2019 19:30

Inside the Team from Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under rides to a conclusion this Sunday with Team KATUSHA ALPECIN riders continuing to work hard in the season opener.

All the team riders are still up and competing, but Marco Haller experienced a bit of bad luck on stage 2 which saw he and many other riders hit the deck before the finish line.




Teammate Nathan Haas assessed Haller’s condition before stage 3: “Marco had a crash yesterday, which he’s miraculously OK from. If you’d seen him afterwards, basically he looked like he’d come out of the second world war on the front line. He’s OK oday but he’s had to change cleats because his feet ground them off as he hit the ground. There isn’t much plastic left.” A bruise over Haller's eye is a reminder of the fall.

It was another hot day with everyone doing his best to keep up with the heat. Belgium’s Jens Debusschere takes on 7 bottles to distribute to his teammates in an effort to keep hydrated.

In the feed zone the riders look for the team colors so they can grab a musset and catch some nourishment along the way. Later they will snap up bottles from team members along the side of the road, all in an effort to keep performance levels high.

Stage 5 on Saturday is Glenelg to Strathalbyn at 150km.