15 Best Seattle Bike Rides For Your Amazing Cycling Experience (Updated 2021)

The ‘Best Bike City in America’ 2018 called Seattle. With a well-developed bicycle network and breathtaking hikes and mountain trails, cycling is a must-have experience in this beautiful city. For your best Seattle bike rides, choosing the perfect bicycle is the key factor. 

It is your first time buying a bike and you find it too challenging to make a decision? Don’t worry! You are not alone. In this post, teamkatushaalpecin.com will present to you 15 best bikes for your amazing Seattle bike rides with detailed reviews in addition to the bike purchasing guide. Check it out now!

Best Seattle Bike Rides Comparison 2021

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Best folding e-bike for transport & storage

Best mountain e-bike for Seattle rides

Best e-bike design for
all terrain

Best e-bike for commuting

Best e-bike for long distance range

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Seattle Bike Rides, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Seattle Bike Rides Reviews 2021

DJ Folding E-Bike is an all-purpose powerful electric bike built with high-quality mainstream components. 

One of the most important points to mention is safety. Much like all DJ bikes, this one was also certified to meet UL 2849 - the highest quality and safety standard recognized in the E-bike industry in both the US and Canada. 

What makes me love this model is its strong power. With the power of 750W extending to 1000W peak motor, steep and long hills are no more a challenge on our daily commute, while most other e-bikes cannot handle this type of terrain. Together with an integrated headlight and suspension to absorb shocks, you can be confident to enjoy your best Seattle bike rides.

The frame is made of sporty stainless aluminum which is resistant and durable. This bike comes with Kenda all-purpose 20”x4” tires. They’re stable and non-slippery but maybe you should be careful with too rough routes.

Its accessories include LG lithium 48V 13Ah battery and a charger. The manufacturer also gives you a key lock for security, so no worries when you park the vehicle outside. For brakes, this DJ  Tektro disc brakes. It’s one of the most reliable choices that’s safe and easy to operate in different weather conditions.

This DJ Folding e-bike is comfortable and convenient to use. Once it’s folded, it’s easy to carry and store away in tight areas (garage, on the train, office…). 

No matter if you prefer commuting, casual riding or using it as sport, this bike is a good choice for everyone.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Powerful motor
  • Front & rear cargo racks included
  • 7-speed gear


  • The saddle wears out easily
  • Battery may not last long

The DJ mountain electric bike is well featured to tackle modest off-road terrain. With an integrated front headlight and front suspension to support riding in low light and absorbing some of the bumps, this amazing bicycle allows you to go for the best bike rides in Seattle which is very hilly.

The manufacturer only offers this model in one frame size (19 inches) and one color (black with some red accents). For those looking for another size or a different color, that’s unfortunately not available for this item. But the size, color as well as the fact that most of the wires and cables are internally routed make it perfectly clean looking in my view.

One of the most important things that impressed me on this bike is the throttle. Normally, it’s easy to override assist and throttle by pulling either brake lever as they have motor inhibitors built in. The fact that twisted throttle is variable speed and is live from standstill is also good for getting going from a dead stop and especially when trying to start on an incline.

The DJ Mountain E-bike comes with fenders and a bottle cage to help minimize the amount of mud and dirt on the ride and to stay hydrated. As the fenders are plastic, the bike could be lightweight and won’t rust like steel fenders. But on the other side, it will likely be susceptible to breaking on a hard strike.


  • 5 Levels of pedal assist or Self Propelled.
  • Automatic power cut of motor inhibitors
  • Better headlight at the entry-level pricepoint’s products


  • No tail light
  • Most of the components are entry level and generic
  • Tires don’t have puncture protection

Rattan LM 750W Folding E-bike is a bike that can truly do it all.

Equipped with a strong 750W motor, this bike allows you to climb hills or other rough terrains with the maximum comfort and smoothness as possible. It has a set of fat tires that are extremely durable despite the impact of temperature shocks in hot summer or any punctures. Its pattern’s grooves and ribs also help a lot to faster the acceleration.

One more good point is that you can fold or unfold the bike very quickly and easily. It’s really convenient for you to carry and store it anywhere you want, even on your car or train. So you can have enjoyable and comfortable Seattle bike rides.

In case of climbing a medium slope, the battery can be sufficient for about 6 hours. The wheels are reinforced with fenders that protect you from being splashed with mud and rainwater.

A shock absorption mechanism helps cushion road bumps to give you a smooth ride. If you ride downhill at a high speed and a sudden obstacle pops up on your way, the disk brakes will slow down the vehicle immediately. You can find on the handlebar a 7-speed shifter and an intelligent display offering information about the speed and vehicle mode.


  • Smart display providing information about speed & vehicle mode
  • Fit for all-weather and all-terrain
  • Easy to transport


  • Single-stage lock
  • Quite heavy compared to the others

The ECOTRIC fat tire E-bike is designed for riding on any type of rough terrain (gravel, sand, snow…), especially off-road cycling.

The battery is a “plus” of this model. It is not fixed, so you are able to carry and charge it easily at school or workplace. The removable lithium battery is 36V/12AH power that can provide charge up to 19 miles in maximum. Compared to other models in the same segment, it seems an impressive number.

Although its motor is only 500W, according to many user experiences, it’s still eating the hills, even the steep ones. The design is ergonomic with strong and sturdy materials used for the body and tires.

This bike can bring you an amazing cycling experience as the seat can be adjusted according to the rider height, and the tire is designed correctly with anti-slip features. The LED display fitted to the handlebar is useful for setting the speed limit.

This model has 3 colors: black, blue and orange. Orange one is the best seller because of its uniqueness. But for people looking for basic things, black and blue are good choices.


  • Good speed
  • Matt finish - resistant to damage
  • Long lasting battery
  • Suitable for rough terrain


  • Brake rotors easily warp
  • No speed changing mechanism
  • Need high assist level for tall people

The Ancheer Blue Spark E-bike is also a good choice for people looking for a mountain e-bike. A 374Wh battery contributes to the power of this bike as it allows you to experience the longest distance possible.

The bike is really comfortable. Whether you ride at a low/high speed or downhill at top speed, it will give you a calm and smooth feeling. It could be said that the capacity of composing and responding to rider inputs of this bike is amazing.

Together with the larger wheels, tires made of durable material, the suspension also helps dampen ride and reduce impact.

The fact is that Blue Spark has an excellent user interface including ergonomically friendly handlebar-mounted controls and a digital display. You may take some time at the beginning to get used to it as there are no instructions, but generally, it’s not a big issue.

The power output is a “plus” as well. On flat ground, the robust Blue Spark's 350W rear hub motor with good acceleration makes it easy to propel us up to just under 20 mph top speed while using the throttle only.


  • Long distance range
  • Impressive power input
  • Good handling and display


  • Short seatpost - not convenient
  • No instructions for the display

The EB7 Plus Folding E-bike has many great potential for such a commuter electric bicycle.

For such a small folding bike, the ride is not bad. With 16-inch wheels, you will find no difficulty folding and transporting it. However, it has to be mentioned that these wheels aren’t the best for your smoothest ride.

In fact, it is not the case of high-quality suspension. It's rather basic, practically crude; however, it could help when you hit pothole or sidewalk cracks. Most of the time, you rarely find both of your bike’s wheels leaving the ground on a regular commute, but this EB7 could do it well.

About its power, the 350W motor seems not really a big deal. But the bike can reach the speed quickly with only throttle, and actually can uphill without decreasing much speed. Of course, without pedaling, you shouldn’t expect it to go up large hills smoothly and quickly, but ‘only throttle’ mode still works well on smaller hills.


  • Stylish design with unique colors
  • Suitable for slicing and dicing in the city
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Removable battery


  • Quite small
  • Not really fast (~20km/h top speed)

The ANCHEER 26’’ Foldable Electric Bike is a great option for mountain climbing experience.

This foldable electric bike utilizes a super lightweight aluminum frame and 26-inch alloy wheels for more amazing sturdiness and quicker ride, making it the best for hiking. The shock absorption feature gives the additional smooth and agreeable on the gravel or rough road.

Moreover, three riding modes are sufficient for your ideal cycling experience. You can choose the standard off-road bicycle mode with solid force for steep and tough roads or the e-bike mode for long time journeys. The amazing braking system and 21-speed gear help hill climbing become easier while guaranteeing the security for riders.


  • List ElEasy to carry
  • Premium shock absorption
  • Powerful motor and long-life battery


  • No fenders to protect riders from splashes and dirt

The Swagtron EB-6 Electric bike is a genuine fat-tire e-bike offering riders the chance to enjoy mountain trekking. With 20-inch wheels, a durable aluminum frame, and a 350W electric motor, the bike is capable of arriving at speeds up to 18.6 miles every hour.

Accelerate through a twist-grip throttle or through a “pedal to go” mode. A range of up to 20 miles on a single charge (with throttle only) allows you to challenge yourself with any tough trails.

Similar to any other fat bicycle, the Swagtron EB-6 includes high-volume 4-inch tires for confident traction on a variety of loose terrain. The bike also has a convenient battery indicator and USB power port for charging your devices. The rechargeable battery could be easily removed for charging indoors. And a built-in battery lock protects the battery from theft.


  • Easy assembly, easy riding
  • USB power port
  • Good enough to go on gravel roads, large hills


  • No cruise control
  • Small size

Riding an e-bike like Ancheer Electric Bike 350W is a completely different experience from riding a traditional bike. Is just a matter of using the throttle or the pedal assist modes and you will immediately feel much younger and fitter than what you currently are.

You’ll only need to twist your wrist or pedal on the pedal assisting mode and the traffic will no longer be a problem for you thanks to the fast response it has to all your inputs. Forget about those hills that you weren’t able to take on your regular bike, with the e-bike motor assistance you’ll almost feel like riding in a flat street.

Just a click of your thumb and you’ll be able to operate the controller, also with its LED display you won’t have any issue finding the power mode you’re using and the bikes’ level of battery

Don’t be afraid of accelerating because with the mechanical disc brakes you can have full control in every situation and stopping will be smooth and clean.

Buying an e-bike is the solution many people take in order to stop using their cars for quite a variety of reasons. Once you get an e-bike you’ll see how easy you can avoid traffic and get to work in less time than when going by car with the feeling of exercising.


  • A good selection of gear ratios for normal riding
  • Very good brakes
  • Simple controller


  • No building instructions included
  • Not very comfortable saddle

This Tentaquil Electric Bike impresses us with its ease of assembling when most parts are pre-assembled. You just need to finish the last steps in an easy way as the instruction manual is included in the product’s box. 

It adjusts and moves rapidly on a wide variety of pavement. No matter if you climb the hill or go down stairs, with 3 different modes, everything is possible. The bike is also featured with front & back circle brakes in order to give a stable slowing down power even in awful climate conditions. 

Also equipped with a removable and large-capacity battery, you don’t have to worry if it will run out of battery during your daily travel. Moreover, it accompanies a LCD showing all capacities and exercises, for example, distance, battery level, and speed.


  • Function smoothly
  • Well control
  • Functional LCD screen


  • Not very comfortable saddle
  • Seems quite small

The Ancheer 500W/250W Electric Bike is a great deal for any easy-going bike rider. Equipped with a high-quality brushless motor capable of speeds up to 20 mph, this bike is ideal for any short trips or commutes in just some seconds.

With a rechargeable lithium battery, which gives the rider 40 miles cycling per charge. This allows for the user to have a great deal of control and be able to use the bike however they desire.

In general, this bike brings to the users many comforts. It has numerous useful features. One of them is the adjusting set. It’s an attribute used to adjust the handlebars as you want with the purpose of providing the optimal riding experience to users.


  • The battery ‘holds charge’ well
  • Three levels of assist
  • A removable battery was secure and could be charged remotely
  • The water-resistant battery works after soaking and flooding


  • Motor is quite noisy when straining
  • Cheap tires warranted hasty replacement

The Nakto 26-inch 250W Cargo E-Bike is one of the best choices for commuter bikes. This cruiser bike style has an impressive distance range thanks to the 360W battery capacity.

For the ride using the throttle only, you can travel up to 20 miles. But if you put some effort in pedaling, the performance of distance range could increase significantly.

The Nakto Cargo has a predictable ride quality with a comfortable upright seated position and low step-through frame. It’s additionally featured with the majority of the highlights you'll actually require, increasing its versatility and ease of use.


  • Capacity of carrying many cargos
  • Long distance range


  • Only 1 pedal assist level
  • Basic controls & display

The Swagcycle EB-5 is such a basic folding e-bicycle.

The point that makes it more outstanding than other competitors is its lightweightness (just 37 pounds). And as a typical folding bike, it could be folded or unfolded easily for carrying or storage.

With a rear hub motor of 250W - reasonable power for such a small bike, it seems powerful enough. Having top throttle speed o
f 15.5 mph with ‘one pedal assist’ mode is also a plus for this bike.

This bike is one of the top models for its ease of assembly. It arrives fully assembled and has an user-friendly folding design. Compared to many others, the shipping box is just ½ the size and ⅔ the weight. So for those who consider the weight first, Swagcycle EB-5 is a great option.


  • Compact for storage and transport
  • Integrated battery
  • No assembly required


  • Only one pedal assist mode
  • Shorter distance range
  • Less steady handling

The Ancheer Folding Commuter E-bike is a reasonable electric bicycle with an advantageous folding design. This little bicycle rolls on 16-inch wheels and could be folded to carry on public transport or store in your house.

With a 250W rear hub motor that drives it up to 17.5 mph with the throttle, along with three pedal assist modes to intensify your pedaling efforts. It also comes with a 288Wh battery storage capacity that is not really an impressive number.

Its ride quality seems not the best in spite of the fact that it has small wheels and folding design. Whereas functional, the display and controls are additionally a touch of disappointment.


  • 3 pedal assist modes
  • Decent distance range
  • Easy for transport and storage


  • Funky handling
  • Harder to fold than competitors

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a mix between a hybrid bicycle and a beach cruiser with a comfortable, laid-back geometry, that puts your body in an upright position.

It's ideal both for short and tall riders since the pedals are situated right in front of the seat. So that when pedaling, you still can fully stretch your legs while lowering the saddle dramatically. The frame is made of aluminum, while the fork is steel, so it helps a lot in reducing the weight.

One of my favorite details about this bike is its retro handlebar. It makes me think about the vibe of old fashion. And also this type of design helps riders more comfortable cycling experiences.


  • Suitable for city all-rounder & beach cruising
  • Retro design
  • One of the best sellers in hybrid bikes


  • Not really powerful
  • Many people find it hard in setting up and assembly

How To Choose The Right Bike For Your Best Seattle Bike Rides

Bike Type

The market nowadays offers a variety of bicycle types and designs that we can freely choose to buy depending on our specific purpose.

Mountain bikes: This type of bike generally has flat handlebars and a more upright body position that will make you more comfortable. The brakes, wheels, saddle, and shifting system of a mountain bike also ensures strong performance and better resistance on uneven surfaces. So if you are looking for your best Seattle bike rides in Duthie Hill, Lake Sawyer or other amazing singletrack mountain bike trails, mountain bikes should be your first choice.

Road bikes: The pros of these bikes are their lightweight and speed on the well-maintained road thanks to the aerodynamic features. For people who love to take a tour or simply exercise by cycling, a road bike is a good choice. However, this bike type is generally quite expensive and overkill for casual neighborhood rides.

HighresTiffs SeaMET 7 qq999d

Hybrid bikes: If you are hesitating between mountain and road bikes, the hybrid one could be your answer. This bike seems ideal for commuting as it consists of both the sturdiness of a mountain bike and the comfort of a road bike. A taller gear and frame is maybe the only different point of this bike. But be careful, some hybrid bikes are quite heavy or made of low-grade components. 

Folding bikes: We call folding bikes “best friends” of office workers as it’s a solution for lack of storage or tight spaces. These bikes fold up with just a few flicks, so people find no difficulty carrying it on the train/metro then unfold and ride the last few miles to the office. The small wheels are however a minus for long rides or roads with many bumps and potholes. 

Electric bikes: Electric bikes are best for fun riding with less effort. Not too much to say E-bikes have revolutionized cycling, make it easier for everyone to go further with less fatigue. Otherwises, “pedal-assist” models still give users the feeling of riding a regular bike, but the pedal strokes are supercharged by the motor. With more features and the excellent convenience brought to users, these models of course have a higher price but also a larger range of choices on the market.  

Tips: Consider your fitness level while choosing. Do you have any joint or mobility problems? If that’s the case, riding a heavy e-bike or mountain bike is maybe not an answer. E-MTP, e-hybrid or e-road bikes are interesting suggestions.



Finding the right size is the “key” factor you should take into consideration. Bikes come in many sizes, and each body is different. So by choosing the one that fits you, you can avoid any uncomfort or unnecessary danger throughout your experience. 

Online purchasing becomes more trendy than ever. People order bikes online because there are no shop-keeping or warehouse costs making the cost even less. And if you still hesitate thinking that you have to try your bike directly before making decision, we would say it’s no more an issue. Nowadays, there are many accurate methods to measure a bike then choose the one that fits you best.  

There are some important elements that we recommend you to take into account before deciding your final bike, including:

  • Frame size
  • Your height
  • Your inseam length


First, let’s check your body measurements. It would be better to repeat this step several times and calculate the average in order to get a more accurate result. The frame of your bike is then one of the only elements that are fixed; after all you can change the other “variables”, such as raising or lowering handlebars and seats, so getting this right really matters. 

Don’t worry if you have difficulties calculating or converting the bike frame size, there are several online tools that can help you with it. Obviously, bike sizing differs from bike to bike and between bike types. So we would recommend you to carefully check the size guide provided on the specific product page. 

Brake Type, Suspension and Gear

First, there are the brakes. The most common brake types are rim brakes, disc brakes, coaster brakes and drum brakes. Of course, each type has its own pros and cons. Whatever you have, it would be better to at least get used to what kind of brake comes with your bike.

woman in blue on Burke Gilman trail

The bicycle’s suspension is also a component you should take into account. In simple words, it is the system(s) used to suspend the rider and bicycle in order to keep them well from the roughness of the terrain. This system is primarily used on mountain bikes or sometimes hybrid bikes but not road ones.

Finally, if you’d love to spend time climbing or cycling many hills, you may think about opting more gears. However, if you only intend to ride on flat ground, you will just need a bike with fewer gears without need of many low gears, which makes your bike lighter.


When purchasing, the quality and durability of the product are often carefully considered, especially for ones with a long lifespan like bicycles. Whether a bike’s shelf life is long or short, it depends a lot on the frame materials. 

Aluminum: In fact, the majority of bikes out there have aluminum frames. It’s the no1 choice of manufacturers in general because of the frame’s durable materials and reasonable price. Over time, this material has been upgraded to be more shock-resistant and durable.

Family biking Jennifer Kakutani credit Bob Edmiston

Carbon fiber: It’s a form of laminate designed for mountain bikes. By binding multiple materials with glue, the frame could be really unbreakable and heavy-duty. 

Titanium: This is an expensive material with high durability. It could be flexing well that also helps with shock absorption and impact resistance.

Steel: It seems not normal as steel is not really popular compared to aluminum, right? Let us explain that we have on the market 2 kinds of steel: Carbon steel (less popular, mainly bikes for cross-country purpose) & Chromoly steel (used for lightweight bikes with minimal gearing system and suspension).

After understanding the main points of each material’s pros & cons, you can find yourself a bike that is durable but still affordable. 

Your budget

seattle lede 1538142651

Before looking for a bike, you may want to set your budget on how much you want to spend. It’s unlikely for you to find a fixed price for all bike models. But depending on different elements such as bike type, brand, features, the price of a new bike can vary from about $200 to $4000 - $5000. To give you a clearer idea, we will divide price ranges into 3 levels:

Low range ($200 - $400): In this segment, bikes with frames made of normal metal materials are basically functional but still stylish.

Medium range ($400 - $1000): Most of the time, frames of these bikes are made of lighter metal material or aluminum. So they are suitable for daily riders. Bikes tend to have durability thanks to better quality of wheels, pedals…

High range (above $1000): These models’ fram are often made of titanium or carbon, which are much lighter than the others. With this range of price, users could be offered an option of customizing their own bike (frame size, color, wheel type…)

Once you can estimate your budget, it would be easier to filter your search.

Here is some videos for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: Our Top Pick For Best Seattle Bike Rides


Best folding e-bike for transport & storage


Best mountain e-bike for Seattle rides


Best e-bike design for
all terrain


Best e-bike for commuting


Best e-bike for long distance range

For people who love to go by car while bringing their bike for the trekking or for office workers, the DJ Folding Bike 750W should be top choice. Despite its compact look, the ride quality and distance range are impressive that will satisfy your needs.

For your best Seattle bike rides, DJ Mountain Bike 750W could be your “best friend”. With the majority of amazing mountain biking trails, this mountain bike can help you conquer all the rough terrain while still enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way.

With the excellent features, we would recommend this e-bike for people with all purpose, especially for off-roading. If you are considering an e-bike with non-basic color, the orange version of this model could be the best choice.

If you are looking for a suitable commuter bike, EB7 Plus Folding Electric Bike could be the best choice. The small and clean-looking bike can impress you by its potential functions.

For those usually taking long distance roads, we recommend you to consider ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike, this powerful Blue Spark will not disappoint you and let you experience the longest distance range.

After reading our reviews, have you got a clearer idea about what to choose for your Best Seattle Bike Rides? Find the most suitable for yourself on Amazon and make the final decision!

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