Top 12 Best Dirt Bike for a 14 Year Old Teenagers In 2021: Please Make Sure You Have Read Before Making Your Choice.

Choosing a best dirt bike for a 14 year old really has many issues to consider in your choice.

In fact, if you do not choose a bike that perfectly suits your height, you can fall very quickly and you will not feel comfortable riding.

Choosing a good dirt bike for a 14 year old is not easy. There are many things to think about and a lot of options. The tips and tips we'll share in this article will get you started.

What is a good dirt bike for a 14 year old? While this may be a top choice, whether it's right for your child depends on a lot of factors. For example, height, weight and experience should be taken into consideration when choosing a mountain bike.

In this article, we will then give detailed reviews and comments on the top 12 best dirt bike for a 14 year old thereby making it easy to choose the suitable product.

Best Dirt Bike for a 14 Year Old Comparison 2021


Best dirt bike for racing

Best dirt bike for optimizing performance

Best dirt bike for easy to maintain and upgrade

Best dirt bike for saving energy and protect environment

Best dirt bike for optimal tool as well as lightweight design

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Bestseller No. 2
Mini Discokugel Licht,YIKANWEN Stimme Steuerung Disco Party Lichter Bühnenbeleuchtung Effektlicht DJ Stroboskop Kugel mit Spiegeln & Glitzereffekt für Parties Kinder Geburtstag Club
  • ♫Akku: Enthält einen eingebauten 380mah Akku. Mit einer Ladezeit von 1.5 Stunde kann die Discokugel 4 Stunden genutzt werden.Sie ist perfekt für Schlafzimmer/ Festivals oder auf Parties mit schwieriger oder keiner Stromversorgung. Sehr gut geeignet als Geburtstags-Geschenk für Kinder
  • ♫Mini und tragbar: Größe: 55 * 53 * 53 mm,gewicht: 38g. hohe Helligkeit mit kleiner Größe kann das Licht direkt auf einem Tisch oder Stuhl gelegt werden oder an einer Wand oder Decke montiert werden
SaleBestseller No. 4
LEGO 71745 NINJAGO Lloyds Dschungel-Bike Bauset, Spielzeug Motorrad mit Lloyd und NYA Minifiguren
  • LEGO NINJAGO Lloyds Dschungel-Bike (71745) ist ein starkes 2-in-1-Spielset mit Ninja-Bike und Surfbrett. Die beiden Modelle bieten Kindern unzählige Spielmöglichkeiten.
  • Ninja-Spielset mit 3 Minifiguren: Island Lloyd und Island Nya nehmen es mit dem Hüter des Grolls auf, der mit einem coolen Speer und einem Schild ausgerüstet ist.
SaleBestseller No. 5
LEGO 42119 Technic Monster Jam Max-D Truck und Quad, 2-in-1 Spielzeug ab 7 Jahre mit Rückziehmotor, Geschenk zu Weihnachten oder zum Geburtstag
  • Zwei Bauherausforderungen in einem Set – dieser coole Max-D 2-in-1-Monster Truck Spielzeug lässt sich für noch längeren Spielspaß in ein Quad mit Rückziehmotor umbauen
  • Zu den Details gehören die authentischen Farben, die Dornen, die bewegliche Flagge und die raue Metalloberfläche mit Flammenmotiven – wie beim echten Max-D Monster Truck
Bestseller No. 6
Ferngesteuertes Auto Spielzeug, Junge Mädchen Spielzeug 360 ° Drehbares Dual Mode Kletterauto mit Fernbedienung, LED Front und Rücklicht, USB Kabel, Geschenke für Mädchen und Jungen
  • 🚑🚑STUNT CAR REMOTE CONTROL : Ferngesteuerte Rennwagen für Kinder mit um 360 Grad drehbarer Vorderachse und großen Rädern für fantastischen Spaß auf der Straße oder im Gelände. Coole Spielsachen und Gadgets für Jungen und Mädchen ab 5 Jahren
  • 🚑🚑NEUES UPGRADE ENTHÄLT: 1) KURZE LADEZEIT: Unser mitgeliefertes USB-Ladegerät benötigt nur 100 bis 120 Minuten Ladezeit. 2) MEHR SPIELZEIT: Unsere Autobatterie bietet bis zu 25 bis 30 Minuten Spielzeit, während andere nur etwa 7 bis 10 Minuten Spielzeit bieten.

Top Best Dirt Bike for a 14 Year Old Reviews 2021

The Apollo DB-X18 125cc dirt bike is ideal for beginners riding dirt bikes, although experts’ canals use it for short trips.

It gets power from a 4-then 125cc engine that can provide about 7,500 RMP of torque. Its top speed is 55mph, and you can expect a good speed on the streets and small trails.

The car has a four-level clutch hand gearbox. The front and rear brakes use hydraulic discs to stop the vehicle.  The Apollo DB-X18 is both lightweight and sturdy. The steel frame makes the model astonishingly resilient and durable even in rugged terrain.

Since you can change the air filter, you don't have to worry about taking your motorbike to dusty trails. The car has a variety of colors, including green, red and blue.

This bike provides a smooth and controllable power. Its air-cooling system will be useful in rugged and bumpy terrain as motorbikes will remain cool.

It does not make loud noises even when climbing hills, and you will not disturb other road users. The riser steering wheel is adjustable, making it easy for the driver to move. It is started with a kick, and it also has the Ignition C.D.I. boot system. That's why we put Apollo DB-X18 in our top 1 best dirt bike for a 14 year old.


  • Powerful motor with large torque
  • Ignition C.D.I. boot system available


  • Almost nothing

The next product in our recommendation is APO DB-X18 4-level hand number with 125cc engine upgraded Motocross sport bike! This premium bike is not only for kids/teenagers, but also for Adults! 

Enhance your driving experience with a 33" saddle-height sports bike to sit up high! Upgrade Premium Colors with a 2-tone body + seat to turn your head as you walk around the neighborhood! However, similar to the DB-X5 in a hand gearbox is opposed to semi-automatic.

With a reliable 4-then 125cc air-cooled engine, it's fun to travel on dirt roads or small roads. The craft clutch gives you the true feel of a large pit motorcycle but can still race and enjoy the thrill of a sporty, reliable and fun bike.

Great bikes for beginners before starting with the Large Pit Bike. Means for riders in you, and also for the wild adventure aspect in both you or your child! Fully upgraded fork and sports suspension make Pit Bike ready to absorb ALL collisions and jumps.


Besides, hydraulic disc brakes before and after to increase braking performance. Those reasons are compelling enough to put this model in the top best dirt bike for a 14 year old in 2021.


  • Suitable for multiple audience groups
  • Powerful, highly mobile
  • The weight is quite light


  • The capacity of the gas tank is a bit small

The next product in our top best dirt bike for a 14 year old comes from the X-PRO brand. X-PRO 140cc Dirt Bike is brought by Moto Pro. Each page comes with X-PRO Gloves, goggles and a respirator.

4-speed gearbox manually Start up much faster and more convenient! Take full control of the dirty bike, Pro's Choice.

The front / rear wheels are large 17"/ 14", compared to the same type of 140cc cubic bike, it is higher and longer, the undercarriage is much higher, you can use another 2 years. Suitable for adults and older boys! Start your dirty bike easily and conveniently without worrying about your battery.

Some necessary assembly: Assembly for land bikes including steering bar racks, wheels, brakes, number plate and fenders. (May vary depending on the model). Because of its magnality and customization, this is the dirt bike for a 14 year old that deserves to be in our rankings.


  • High performance
  • Superior powerful engine


  • Almost none

Razor's Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike has batteries unlike many Razor products. Typically, electric bikes and electric motorbikes for young children have a 24-volt battery pack and need to be charged for 14-15 hours before each ride.

Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike has a 36-volt battery pack, can run up to 1 hour (10 miles) on a charge and was charged for just 8 hours before each trip. This means you won't have to worry much about your electricity bill.

The electric bike is powered by a 650-watt battery and can operate itself at speeds of more than 17mph, sometimes up to 25mph. Speed can always be customized by tinkering with the bike and this can interest children in engineering as they get older and want to try to speed up the bike's transformation on its own.

The usual 17-25mph change speed provided with this Razor MX650 land rocket means it is almost twice as fast as regular electric vehicles for young children. Again, this reinforces the idea that only children over the age of 10 should try riding this MX650 land rocket. These reasons make us to list this product on top best dirt bike for a 14 year old updated 2021.


  • Fuel saving
  • Using electric engine
  •  Smooth operation


  • The distance is quite small

The next product in our top best dirt bike for a 14 year old also comes from the Razor brand which is SX500 McGrath. The lightweight, sturdy, and minimalist design brings a big change to the product.

The strength and agility of the car allows it to move around narrow bends. The SX500 McGrath is designed in a steel frame with aluminum beams and uses Supercross tires. The dual suspension and adjustable steering wheel to block the banging or use can control the vehicle to avoid losing control.

Unique chain design, with light mass avoiding excess movement. In addition, the acceleration controller ensures that the operating car achieves the most optimal performance possible.

Equipped with engines with powerful torque and engines, providing a more optimal performance than previous versions. 

The dual disc brakes are manually operated, motocross-style motifs using double disc brakes that make the driver achieve the best experience. The part is also highly impact-capable if you accidentally encounter strong impacts including deformed wheels.


  • Beautiful design
  • Battery use still ensures robust
  • Well-designed braking system


  • The battery life is quite short

MX500 can not only benefit children but also parents. You get a sense of trust in your child when you will bring the benefit of the doubt, buying this expensive product. It is definitely one from the top shelf and will need care. You will be able to help your child take responsibility for their belongings, if you have never done so before.

The MX500 is an electric bike specially designed according to the model of professional, real motorcycles. This means that the MX500 can not only perform all the stunts but it seems that it is also possible to perform them.

The appeal of the Motocross Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket electric bike is definitely one of the most important things you should see when buying toys for your child. No matter what age they are, they're going to want something that looks cool. Something that they can express to their friends and get the appropriate response to aggies.

Razor knows how much the kids love to show off their precious assets and that's why they designed the Motocross Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket electric bike to look as sporty and attractive as possible.

The MX500 is an electric bike specially designed according to the model of professional, real motorcycles. This means that the MX500 can not only perform all the stunts but it seems that it is also possible to perform them.

The appeal of the Motocross Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket electric bike is definitely one of the most important things you should see when buying toys for your child. No matter what age they are, they're going to want something that looks cool. Something that they can express to their friends and get the appropriate response to aggies. That is why the Razor MX500 is included in our top best dirt bike for a 14 year old list.


  • Avoid environmental discharge
  • Save energy
  • High-power batteries


  • Performance lies at a decent level

The best dirt bike for a 14 year old with light weight, especially for beginners. The light structure of the car makes it easy for the driver to control the car while driving. Despite its lightweight, the bike is comfortable for riders weighing up to 176 lbs. It indicates that all children, whether they are skinny or healthy, can ride it easily.

For these young riders, fashion design is just as important as any other feature, if not more. While driving, young riders often take time and direction and may have to stop abruptly to avoid any kind of accident.

As such, the SYX Moto Kids Mini hole shot 50cc mountain bike uses disc brakes for both front and rear. This is an additional safety feature so your child can pull the brakes to stop the car quickly and safely. To help parents better control their child's driving, the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Hole land bike comes with an upgraded pace controller.

Using the regulator, you can limit the speed of the bike from 25 MPH to 15 MPH. The 2-then engine mounted on the SYX MOTO children's bike is an upgrade from the previous terrain bike models of the SYX MOTO. The engines of older cars make loud noises and discomfort while running. However, this dirt bike is relatively quieter than the rest.


  • Fully automatic gearbox.
  • Lightweight
  • Fast acceleration


  • Low performance

Razor Roller Dirt Rocket MX 350
  • Geschwindigkeiten bis 22,5 kmh
  • Bis zu 30 Minuten Betriebsdauer, aus Stahl gefertigt

The Motocross Razor MX350 dirt bike is designed based on modern, professional electric bikes for children and so does the appearance. If you decide to invest in Dirt Rocket Electric Bikes, you won't be disappointed with its appeal and it resembles the children's motocross bikes that regularly run in competitions. If your child is as enthusiastic about the bike as they love the sport, then this will definitely be a great purchase.

Razor's goal is to provide customers with the best equestrian experience, but to do that, they must know how to get a response from their target audience. Large, sturdy wheels and well-molded seats will make your child want to jump up immediately and live their life to the full potential on the off-road journey here. 

From the beginning, it is easy to see that the bike is made from high quality materials, the paint and the applied pattern remain the same value. With a throttle butterfly controller, a chain-controlled engine and a manually operated rear brake, the lifting handle is adjustable with the steering wheel and handle clamp; This amazing electric bike brings.

Like all electronic toys, the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket electric bike comes with a 24V battery consisting of two 12V batteries. It has a 12V sealed lead acid charging system, which means you will need to charge the bike regularly. The initial charge after you first remove it from the box will have to last at least 12 hours, as this will be the first electric use of the bike.

If you're intending to donate Dirt Rocket to your child, it's important to know that the MX350 version isn't charged in advance. If you want your child to be able to ride on it as soon as they take it out of the box, then you should charge it the night before so they can ride as soon as they open the box. Those factors are enough for the Razor MX350 to be included in the list of top best dirt bike for a 14 year old in 2021.


  • High performance
  • Compact size


  • The battery capacity is quite small

Fit Right db003 children's bikes - extremely high-end versions approved by the EPA, which means children's bikes won't adversely affect user health according to user guidelines and are environmentally friendly, and have low noise, no need to mix oil.

Fit Right Children's Ground Bike db003 has a 4-dyn motor with a fully automatic 40cc/ 1.4hp chain drive system that gives your child plenty of muscle to cross the trails all day at a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour with just 0.32 gallons of gasoline (#91), the gas-powered mini bike trail that can cause up to 27 miles.

Children's bikes are built with sturdy, proven clutches and sturdy, sturdy metal tube steel frames for increased stability, while rear disc brakes provide fast and quiet stop force that can ensure your child doesn't exceed speed at the start of skill level control, this car is rated as one of the best dirt bike for a 14 year old.


  • Beautiful design
  • Meet the standards to avoid environmental pollution


  • Almost none

The Motocross Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket is one of the best dirt bike for a 14 year old. The bike has a cool design that makes the bike look attractive. The Razor MX400 is a pretty good bike for young children within budget. This bike has outstanding features and capabilities and that is why this bike is so popular. And in this Razor MX400 mountain bike review, we discussed in detail this bike so you can easily make your decision.

The design is the first thing that people notice. The Razor MX400 land rocket electric bike is sleek and eye-catching. The kids love to have a beautiful bike and Razor has given this bike an attractive look. This car looks like a real motorcycle. With the look, it looks great.

This electric bike has a twisting throttle butterfly system that resembles a real motorbike. Twisting the throttle butterfly gives the real feeling of a motorbike and is easy to operate. Besides, Children like to increase the throttle when riding because it feels like a real bike. 

The kids love this system. They just love it, believe me! However, the twisted scooter is the starting step for the next level. After your child learns to control it, they will go one step further to become a true cyclist. Moreover, the throttle in a twisted style is very interesting.

In this razor mx400 ground bike review, we will now talk about its steering wheel. The MX400 has a riser-style freezing system. This is not an adjustable steering wheel. But you can rotate the steering wheel forward or backwards. It will raise or lower the steering wheel. 

Here's how you can adjust your child's freezing when necessary. Although it does not increase or decrease much, you will find it is set as a level of comfort for children. Your child can ride a bike comfortably. Just make sure they adjust as best they can.


  • Nice design
  • Steady performance


  • Low battery capacity

Another best dirt bike for a 14 year old  is the XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas-Powered dirt bike. It has a maximum weight limit of 128lbs. When it comes to features, this bike is some of the best you’ll ever find in a kid’s dirt bike.

First, it comes armed with a 49cc engine that’s sure to soar your young biker through any road with the ultimate ease. It boasts of a rear suspension that works hard to ensure the rider enjoys a more comfortable ride while racing through the unpredictable outdoor terrains.

The setup part is pretty easy as you only need to screw down the handlebars. Like all the other products that made it to this list, this bike is also made from high-quality materials to ensure it holds up to the rough, unforgiving outdoor terrains.


  • Nice appearance
  • Compact design


  • Almost none
  • Low performance

With a 2-towed engine, the 49CC Gasoline Bike is designed to give children the excitement and performance of a real motorcycle. Let's pause smartphones and tablets! Take your child to an outdoor adventure and create fun memories that the indoor environment cannot provide.

The engine's 2-dyn engine is very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, and has a high engine life that can bring your child long-term fun and entertainment.

49CC gas bikes are 90% assembled, all you need to do is adjust your bike to suit your child's needs and they are ready for a fun ride. Its design alone has captured our sympathy and included it in this year's list of top best dirt bike for a 14 year old.


  • Compact, highly mobile


  • The power is a bit small

The Ultimate Guideline For Buying The Best Dirt Bike For A 14 Year Old

To choose a dirt bike for your child is really not easy before a lot of choices available on the market today. In order to avoid making the wrong choice and not suitable for use, here are some notes for parents to choose a suitable car from the best dirt bike for a 14 year old.


Your child's height is important when it comes to overall safety and comfort. It is easy to find out if the bike is right for them by having them jump up and sit forward to see if their legs can hit the ground. If they can stand on flat feet then perhaps it is too small for them. If they can't stand on their heels, maybe it's too big.

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You can find out if the bike is suitable for your child if they can put a third of their legs on the ground. This means that they are not placed flat, which will put extra weight on the bike's suspension. A dirt bike like this will make your child feel like they hit a rock or a bump on the road. Disproportionate on their toes nor good.

Having your child on a bike is the best way to see if it fits your child's height. After all, some 14-year-olds are younger than their age, while others are quite large. Take them to the store, let them sit on their bikes, and see if they're squashed or vacuumed. 

Otherwise, they will be able to control the bike more comfortably. Note the dirt bike height to choose the most suitable product in the top best dirt bike for a 14 year old from our suggestion.


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Experience is an important deciding factor when choosing an off-road bike; for example, if they are beginners or not. Knowing their level of experience will help you choose the right bike they can control. For beginners, you want bikes with automatic clutches and three-speed gearboxes so they can get used to it before switching to advanced bikes.

Whether the 14-year-old is heavier or higher, their experience plays an important role in choosing the type of bike that suits them best. If your child is still a beginner and heavy or tall, a 300 or 400cc bike may be too strong for them. But if they are accustomed to mountain biking, then it is better to choose something above 250cc. Here is a video to let you understand more about this car and thereby choose for your child a best dirt bike for a 14 year old:

Our Recommendation Top 5 The Best Dirt Bike For A 14 Year Old Updated 2021

After a thorough review of our top 12 best dirt bike for a 14 year old above. In addition, based on customer reviews for each of the following products, the following products will be the top 5 most worth buying products in this list:


Best dirt bike for racing


Best dirt bike for optimizing performance


Best dirt bike for easy to maintain and upgrade


Best dirt bike for saving energy and protect environment


Best dirt bike for optimal tool as well as lightweight design

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