Top 17 Best Bike Seat For Big Guy 2021 Reviews

We all know that biking has been widely favored by people from all around the world. However, as biking becomes more and more popular nowadays, not everyone has been able to find the best seat for themselves, especially some oversize people. Hence, the best bike seat for big guy would definitely benefit a lot of people. 

Bike seats are so prevalent everywhere. We would like to introduce to you a list of the best 17 models with the most affordable prices.

Best Bike Seat For Big Guy Comparison 2021

best bike seat for big guy
best bike seat for big guy
best bike seat for big guy
best bike seat for big guy
best bike seat for big guy

Best bike seat for big guy for racing bikes

Best bike seat for big guy for perfect size and design

Best bike seat for big guy for top quality

Best bike seat for big guy for both women and men

Best bike seat for big guy for excellent customer service

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best bike seat for big guy, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Bike Seat For Big Guy Reviews 2021

The first and foremost unit we have in the list is this Fizik Aliante Gamma model. It is best-known for its great quality for racing bikes. 

This is handmade from Italy specifically for overweight riders with its narrow nose and carbon-reinforced nylon materials. Besides, it has the ergonomic shape that is kind of rare in a line of racing bikes. It only weighs 0,57 pounds. Hence, every aspect contributes to the super firm, sturdy, and comfortable feeling of this saddle. 

Some other good points are the replaceable plastic scuff guards and the modern twin leg tech that have made the saddle more desirable. 

Moreover, it is clear that the design is very exceptionally sporty and compatible for people with just little flexibility such as back pain or rigid spine. A lot of our users have used this saddle for such a long time and have no concern about its durability or capacity. 

The only thing that its price lies in the upper end but the quality would definitely worth your investment. Besides, it is typical for racing bikes so it is very reasonable instead.


  • Unique design
  • Lightweight
  • Specially for racing


  • High price compared to other saddles

Very common among the high-end saddles for bikes is this Bell Sport model. 

Opposite of what you might think, it is not too soft or too wide, its size is just perfect. With the dimension of 3 x 8 x 11 inches and the lightweight of 1.35 Pounds, it is perfect for people with bigger sizes. 

Just by looking at its design would make you feel how it would function effectively with your riding time. Extra soft foam and a cool ventilation hole, you would forever ride in comfort without any worry about it getting hot or slippery. 

Moreover, the saddle fits sturdily thanks to the universal back and the ergonomic relief channel. Equipped with the premium leather cover and a lock to prevent theft. The Bell model is compatible with all people at all ages, too. 

People who use this are very pleased as they can utilize it for such a long time, over 3 to 5 years without seeing any wear-off or destruction. It is a bit of a complication when installing but you can definitely enjoy it after that. 


  • Perfect size and dimension
  • Durable


  • A bit expensive

YLG is among a few companies that have acquired the US design’s patent for their saddles. Its products are always well-known for their durability, quality, and modern design. 

As stated in its name, this best bike seat for big guy is made specifically for overweight men and women to feel love with their bodies by the super comfortable saddles. Premium materials: elastic dense memory foam and soft foam. It is expected to five you the best experience. 

The ergonomic design would not only fit your hips in a perfect way but it also increases the force from the back, making the process much easier. There are a reflective band, waterproof surface, and a simple mounting system that would definitely help you feel safe, free, and easy at any time and any weather. 

In addition, the seat is not limited to any type of bikes so your bikes could go with it fabulously. 

This is very favored among our customers because of the 90-day return and refund policy that is kind of rare in the saddle market. 

It is in fact not very stealthy as it could make a little noise when going through holes and bumps but the noise is not very loud or ugly.


  • Top quality
  • US patent design
  • 90 day return and refund


  • Have noise sometimes

Bikeroo is one of the top leading manufacturers for bike saddles for its quality. 

These models from Bikeroo are unique for their dual spring suspension as well as the extra wide ergonomic design. The paddles are also thich and have universal adapters. The thickness enables the pressure to be uniformly distributed across the space. Hence, you are 100% assured of the comfort and easiness while installing and going biking with this one.

Forever say no to those numbness and discomfort as it would always be suited to your bodies. They are tested with over 25000 people before going to the market so they know what is best for your comfy. More importantly, this model has been recognized by ISO that certified this for being beneficial to the users’ health. 

Moreover, the seat is made waterproof so you are free to go out whatever the weather. The installation tools and ebook-paper book instructions are also available when you buy.


  • High quality
  • Waterproof Material,
  • Suit every type of body

If you are looking for a bike seat especially made for women, this one is the best you can find. 

The bikeroo model is very good at delivering the best comfortable experience on the bikes thanks to its extreme thich paddling and dual spring suspension. This is specifically made for woman anatomy so you no longer have to worry that it would be comfortable for men but not for women. 

It is a kind of mid-weight, not very wide, pre-mounted attached saddle. It is very suitable for a lot of outdoor activities such as cruiser, mountain biking, or just city biking. Whatever the road condition, it would not be a matter to you anymore. There are even 3 colors, black, white, and read saddle depending on your preference. Very attractive visual and solid construction. 

Bikeroo has a very good customer satisfaction service, apart from the essential tools they give you to install the saddles, you can contact them whenever you have problems with the seats and they will find the best solutions for you as soon as possible. 

It would definitely be worth the budget.


  • Especially for women
  • Good customer service
  • 3 colors

This model is highly favored by us because of its excessive cushioning and the handlebars that are able to support a big pressure. All the weight would equally fall into the surface of the seat as it is specifically designed for extra comfort for both men and women. 

The construction is very reliable. Made from dual density gel foam with the size of 10.5" x 10.5". The size is obviously much wider than other normal seats, making it very suitable for people with bigger size or sitting on the bike for a long time. It nevers hurts your bottom, by contrast, it gives you much comfort. 

It comes with its side-bearing clamps. 

Another advantage of this one is that it is very easy to install, even if you have never put on a bike seat before you can easily set this up to your bike within minutes. 

We highly recommend this if you are looking for an affordable seat with high quality.


  • Extra wide
  • Extra comfort
  • Reasonable price

The next model of best bike seat for big guy we would want to show you is this Zacro for off-road riders. It is very difficult to find high-quality off-roads saddle, let alone for overweight people. But Zacro does a very good job at this model.

It has the PU and dual density foam like other high quality paddle so it feels very soft and comfy. Furthermore, it is quipped with the carbon steel coil dual suspension and the thicker size, enabling it to be beneficial for long-time riders. It is also suitable for different types of bikes so you are not limited anywhere. 

It is of course very easy to mount due to the Zacro unique wrench. The ventilation system is nice, too. 

It is well-packaged with the extra installation tools. 

The only thing to reconsider about this is sometimes the mounting nuts are not tight enough as you expect but you can surely fix the problem, you just need an arc and a bit more time.


  • Off-road long time bikers
  • Comfortable with different types of bike
  • Super affordable price


  • Mounting problem

Speaking about the best bike seat for big guy for nighttime, we cannot skip this model. 

It has all the qualities of a perfect seat: soft elastic foam, very durable and comfortable. MOreover, the unique Daway design of an ergonomic hollow saddle would never rub your thighs but only absorb shock and give you the capacity of moving freely. 

Designed not only for adults men and women but also for kids and elders, anyone would fit in with this. 

The most outstanding feature is the bright LED light behind that can be opened to more than 36hours continuously, making the act of riding at night or soon morning no more dangerous. 

Daway offers excellent customer service with the view of upgrading your comfort to a whole new level. If you have any problems or are not satisfied, just call and they will solve them for you!


  • LED durable light
  • High quality
  • Great customer service

If you are a big fan of mountain biking, you must not let this one off your hands! This is among the best mountain biking paddle available in the market today. 

The strongest point about this is its unisex, cushy, and solid surface, enabling both women and men to enjoy the time outside without any back hurt or uncomfort. The wide design makes the paddle very sporty looking. 

The leather materials are durable overtime and  also prevent you from sliding while going up or down the mountains. The design would definitely fit the body size at front and at back.

It is worth mentioning that the seat can be locked, which means it is very safe and gives you a way to recover your stolen bikes. 

There is no instruction guide but it is quite easy to figure out, it uses the adjustable wrench.


  • Mountain biking
  • Sporty looking
  • Can be locked


  • No instruction guide

This is the type of seats that are made to deal with the extreme ruggedness and roads full of bumps. 

There is a shock absorbing ball located under the seat would take in any shock you incur on you way and makes sure you always sustain in your seat smoothly. Moreover, the gel foam material is perfect for making the seats feel comfortable at any time. 

Another point is that it comes with a special reflective band as well as a LED light that would effectively be bright when it gets dark so you can ride the bikes at night time without worrying about the cars behind. 

The protective cover prevents the seats from outer weather factors and dirt so it always look very new. Of course it is easy to install thanks to the universal fit. 

If you have no idea of what to buy tight now, we highly recommend this as it is such a no risk purchase, very good policy of buying and returning.

The nest one in line is the Outerdo Comfort saddle. It is also made from memory sponge and dual spring foam. The thickness is enhanced to over 16mm that are much thicker than some normal types, vibration and road shock can not affect much of this. 

It is also super comfortable for big size people with its 189mm wide seat covered by the premium waterproof leather PU. It is capable of both slippery and abrasion. The plus point of its design is the hollow hole, enabling the air to flow flexibly and makes you free more freely. 

It fits very well with all the riding position, straight or curved, as the pressure and stress is uniformly equal among all the surfaces.

Very well construction with the universal wrench. 

Additionally, the Outerdo unit comes with a friendly 6- month satisfied service that 100% ensures your satisfaction while using this one.

Provalo is also a very compelling option for the best bike seat for big guy as it is very understanding to the sensitive demand of heavy riders. 

The seat is strongly capable of enduring the excessive pressure without giving you pain thanks to the cushion foam and wide sitting area. The mounting clamp makes it super easy to install to most of the bikes type: mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers,... However, this is best fit for commuting bikes. 

The saddle comes with a very cool package of a rechargeable LED tail light, a mounting tool for installing, an USB charger, and a super durable frame bag to carry those accessories… There are not many saddles that have this wholesome package.

Here we go another alternative for the best bike seat for big guy. Available in 3 colors: black, green, and red. The colors are very trendy and would make your bikes look much more modern. 

Equipped similar to those high-end saddles with PU leather, extra soft foam, and dual shock ball. It distinguishes itself with the longer nose and the airflow vent in the middle that provides extra capacities for comfort. The smooth flow of the surface area does not cause slippery but instead the leather material make it very resistant. 

The artificial surface is just upgraded to have a super durable usage and stylish look. Moreover, the wide surface is also very beneficial for large male users. Hence, you no longer have the trouble of riding by those too small saddles around. 

It is a very trustworthy purchase as you are able to return and get the whole refund if you are not satisfied with the price. We highly recommend this one if you are under tight budget and looking for a very quality saddle.  

Aolander has offered us a very affordable model of bike seat. 

Every detail is made with modern tech: the thick soft foam, dual shock balls, and super resistant cover. Nothing can be complained about this. It does not only fit both women and men with sizes but it also let you use it for a super long time without any signs of wearing off or damage. 

The reflective band is also a new upgrade after the customers’ feedback. 

Aolander also provides 100% guarantee of giving back your money. If you find any problems while using it, call and let them help you with the problems.

Hand-made saddles are undeniably rare in this 21th century but Brooks are among some small number of companies that still make hand-made saddles from England. 

There are different styles you could choose from this model: black, special, narrow, standard,...depending on your styles but it always resembles a kind of traditional English vibe. Made by tanned leather to help you use it for a super long time. 

The most noteworthy point about its design is the natural ventilation system, as you can see from the pic, keeping the thighs and ass cool all the time. 

Brooks offer a deal of a 2-year warranty after you buy the products.

Schwinn is widely famous in the category of bicycles products. They offer 2 more colors rather than the traditional black for younger stylish people. 

The seat is made from high-density foam to make it suitable for people with larger demand. The elastomer suspension coils located underneath is used to effectively absorb all the shock on their way. Waterproof cover and coils that fit all types of bikes. 

Despite the high quality, it is rated among the best cheap bike seat for big guy so you are just profit when buying this. 

The only downside of this product is that it takes a bit longer than usual to install. 


Like any of the useful models above, this one would definitely help you say goodbye to any back pain or uncomfort while riding with those seats that are not your side. 

It has every characteristic of a highly-function saddle: dual spring suspension, air ventilation, versatile material, and wide surface area. 

The strength lies in its shockproof capacity, the ventilation system as well as the triangle narrow front design. Suitable for both men and women. Dimensions of 10.7*8.5 inches&21.8*6.5 inches.


However, it is not favored by some people as the cover is made from plastic that would not last very long, especially if you are going out very regularly.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Bike Seat For Big Guy

best bike seat for big guy

You might already know that the market is full of the best bike seat for big guy with a variety of materials, sizes, prices… Therefore, you need to have the best knowledge about the products as well as those exclusive tips to purchase the best one for yourselves. 

However, there are only a few people that have the time and effort to go from one to another product so we are helping you with some extremely important factors you need to consider seriously before buying one:


best bike seat for big guy

It is clear that you cannot buy any without thinking about this first, especially when you are looking for a saddle for oversized people. The size would definitely affect your experience, making it comfortable or uncomfortable. So please make sure you read the dimensions as well as the design of the surface area before. 


Besides, the shape is also very important because it just simply decides if you would fit the saddle or not! Most of the saddles nowadays have the ergonomic modern design that are super comfortable for both men and women. 

best bike seat for big guy


This is the second thing you should look for carefully. The materials should be very comfortable to sit on and resistant to the outer forces such as water or damage. Good material would enhance the durability of the seat bikes and prevent you from having pain. 


best bike seat for big guy

As you already know, the price range for those bike seats vary, from only 20$ to over 200$. Those more expensive saddles would fit more types of bikes or have a well-package. Depending on your regularity and your demand, choose the one that suits your budget best. You do not need to spend a fortune just for a saddle that you only use once in a while. 

Other things

Those are the most essential first thing you should look out for. There are some other things that you might want to know. Remember to check whether the saddles are easy to install or not, whether they fit your bike, your riding style also affects the size and shape of your seats, and the ventilation system. Those are the things that only few people know. 

Those are the most important factors, we have a video of how to install your saddle in a efficient way to save your time:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Bike Seat For Big Guy

As we have said before, you do not need to spend a huge amount of time to have the best bike seat for big guy . Although there are a lot of distinct models to consider, we have shortlisted them into a list of 5 best units:


Best bike seat for big guy for racing bikes


Best bike seat for big guy for perfect size and design


Best bike seat for big guy for top quality


Best bike seat for big guy for both women and men


Best bike seat for big guy for excellent customer service

So the five products above are among the best ones that we have chosen for you. They are suitable and are able to provide you with the best experience. 

It is suggested that you read through our list of 17 models and the important factors before making the final decision. We hope our reviews are useful enough to save you much time and effort in finding the best bike seat for big guy.

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