Top 15 Best Bike For College Students Bring Comfort And Safety To You

The bikes on the market today have many attractive designs. This makes it difficult for many people to choose the most suitable cycling model in general and daily school in particular. To help you with a small part in choosing a suitable bike to cycle in college, we have selected and brought you the top 15 best bike for college students. Besides, we will guide you on buying a bike to get the best productivity and experience.

Best Bike For College Students Comparison 2021

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Top Best Bike For College Students Reviews 2021

This bike's special features are suitable for all subjects because this big fat sports bike integrates 7-speed running. The standard saddle height for all-terrain driving without worrying about the rim should be known as a bicycle. The load exceeds the previous vehicle's capacity up to 200kg of payload when the weight is only under 20kg. It has high quality 2 disc brakes.

Together with the aluminum frame and basic shock absorbers, the car operates smoothly even on rough roads. Therefore, although made from lightweight materials, the bike can still operate stably on all roads. This bike has huge tires, so it can easily move on snowy terrain. There are many high embossed, deeply etched notes that increase grip on the surface of the tire.


  • Beautiful color
  • The frame is clearly constructed
  • Safe thanks to big wheels
  • Comfortable handle and saddle


  • Mud fenders do not fit well

Raleigh Talus excelled in the quality of its components and features on its best bike for college students list. The frame is aluminum, so it is very light despite being fully equipped. SR Sun tour XCE-28 forks provide 100mm coil suspension to help the front absorb shock and vibration better.

Tetra M280 mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping force. The bearings and racks are all Shimano's for a seamless transition with precision and flexibility. You also get extra gears and a total of up to 3x7 gears. This gives you plenty of choices when going uphill, hilly terrain when it comes to speed, abrupt changes, and anything else.

The optional ascending wheel size alloy wheels also make a big difference. The rims are very light yet still have enough power to support your weight. Tires have high durability as well as a grip while increasing shock absorption.


  • Withstands great weight
  • Effective and strong
  • Size and speed options are available
  • Easy assembly


  • No fenders and disc brakes included

Tommaso designed this bike for racers who love to explore but are hindered by their bikes. Many riders want a versatile bike and can handle any range of terrain without worry.

The Tommaso Monza bike frame uses a geometric frame that allows you to ride smoothly and efficiently transfer pedal power from the rider. You will be able to ride easily in snow, muddy, and rainy weather. The wheels are also well equipped to prevent dirt or gravel from entering, keeping you safe on the go.

The 700c tires have been increased by up to 25mm wider than the previous version, giving you a more comfortable, more efficient ride and increased control when you turn or turn. The mainframe of the bike uses high-quality aluminum and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus, all Shimano components are backed by a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.


  • High shock resistance for a smooth ride
  • Lightweight
  • Enduring
  • Specialized Shimano Tiagra parts for great performance
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Costly

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle suitable for city cycling or quiet flat trails, this bike is the perfect blend of style and performance.

This bike has the elegant style and good functionality of an urban tourist bike. It's built with an aluminum frame with high-gloss chrome, making the sportbike very sleek. Its unique 1 speed makes it easy to use and makes it the ideal travel companion on busy roads.

Plus, it has a full fender. It's easy to mount and dismantle because of the frame's low-step design, and you can ride a comfortable long-distance due to the upright position of the saddle and handlebars.


  • Beautiful and durable classic style design
  • Suitable for both heavyweight people
  • Having fenders
  • Dulcet


  • There is no suspension suspension
  • 1 speed

Tommaso is not like many of its competitors. They have a lifetime warranty and good customer service. You will hardly find a bike with the same performance as the Tomaso Imola at this price range.

Constructed with Claris R2000 components, this is a significant upgrade for the manufacturer because many competitors have used this group of components before that. Instead of an aesthetically pleasing exterior cable router design and potentially damage, this bike was designed with cables inside the bodywork.

Likewise, the brakes have been significantly upgraded to provide superior displacement and more comprehensive performance. This bike is equipped with Shimano gears, providing optimal performance and precise displacement for riders. 

Compared to other road bikes, Imola has a shallower handlebar. You will ride in a lower steering position but still feel comfortable. This is very important for mid-range and beginner racers who are not familiar with the other positions.

This bike is equipped with an exclusive UltraCompact handlebar, providing rider comfort. This position helps relax your hands, allowing you to go faster and farther than before. Overall, Tommaso Imola is a standout bike in our list of best bikes for college students.


  • Powerful performance
  • Enduring
  • Lightweight
  • Going up the slope is easy


  • No added accessories
  • Difficult to control

Schwinn, Damen-Fahrrad-700 C Rollen, Schwarz, 26 "
  • Women 's Comfort Fahrrad mit Aluminium Gestell mit
  • SR Suntour zur Gabel: SR Suntour mit Kurbel

The 21-speed Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike is a versatile bike that you can rely on. Discover is one of the best bikes for college students for city driving and everyday use. It has a luggage rack so you can order all of your necessities, from groceries to street treats.

This bike can ride on almost any surface, whether you are driving through city streets or on gravel. It has 21 speeds, so changing gears is relatively easy, ensuring you can comfortably conquer hills, whether you are going up or down. Porsche engineers have designed the vehicle's powertrains and switches. The stainless and grease-free Gates Carbon drive belts protect you from chain slip. Your commute will never be smoother.

The Schwinn bike has an essential design with a highly contrasting mix, which makes it look sharp agelessly. The wheels are enormous to upgrade strength and equilibrium. It has an aluminum frame and a solid 700c wheel. It includes a cutting edge Schwinn suspension fork for stun engrossing and making steady journeys constantly.


  • High performance
  • There is a fender bar
  • Solid, tough, and durable construction
  • Shock absorption


  • Difficult to disassemble the front wheel for repair and maintenance

Designed with outstanding sporty colors such as red-black, blue-black, white, orange, red, yellow is the choice for active people.

The chassis is made of extremely light aluminum material with good aerodynamics for the driver. The fork is made of tempered steel with maximum shock absorption to avoid numbness when traveling long distances.

The vehicle uses a high-grade V-mechanical brake system that provides a better experience to help players feel more confident and safe. Vehicles using the Shimano suspension system combined with the Shimano 21-speed rear axle can flexibly and smoothly shift gears. Thanks to that, you will be able to experience the best speed.


  • Lightweight
  • It can be used for many terrains
  • It has a comfortable seat
  • Sensitive disc brake system


  • Difficult to assemble

The elifine folding electric bicycle possesses a fashionable and robust design with a large body frame made of ultra-light aluminum alloy. According to time of use, electric paint technology helps the car paint color remain youthful and in color.

This bike is equipped with 3 colors for the user to choose from according to their preferences. With a total weight of only 25 kg, the user can easily move the car body through areas where electric bicycles cannot be used, such as stairs and apartments.

This bike is equipped with 21-speed gearing that provides a large, powerful transmission capacity. Moreover, with a fast-charging 36V / 8AH Lithium battery, you can accelerate from 22-30km / h. This vehicle is suitable for all-terrain from the road and snowy mountain roads thanks to large wheels with high grip and forks made of carbon steel equipped with superior shock absorption.

The plus point of this elifine is that the spacious chassis allows users to equip multiple suspension bags or carry a lot of luggage without feeling bulky, with a load of up to 150kg.

In addition, the vehicle's versatile design can be used to exercise, go to work, or go on a road trip. This bike is equipped with LED headlights and horns, and the adjustable seats can effectively reduce cycling fatigue.


  • Lightweight
  • Designed to help you store and move them anywhere easily
  • Easy assembly
  • It can be used for many terrains


  • Pedal-assist turns off suddenly

The Venture 2 Comfort Bike is the ideal choice for a reliable bike that can be used for daily school trips and leisurely rides on weekends. In particular, it has a handcrafted lightweight aluminum frame, plus a rear stand and fenders.

You can ride with ease and comfort due to the frame's ergonomic design combined with the vertical steering wheel for a comfortable position. 

A big plus for the Venture 2 Comfort Bike is equipped with an advanced Shimano shifter with a front speed consisting of 3 front and 7 lip discs, equivalent to 21 speeds. With these 21 speeds, you can freely experience various pedals when going uphill or downhill to best suit your pedal power.

700c wheels with 2-layer aluminum rims match the tough and sturdy look of a racing car. Wheels with tires have slight notches to better grip the road surface, avoiding slippery rain. In particular, the wheel can be easily removed with just one screw bar. With this function, you can easily clean or repair quickly when needed.


  • High quality Designed for comfort and convenience
  • Quality hardware for a smooth ride
  • The double front suspension system is combined with the active foam seats
  • Smooth and precise Shimano gears
  • Both brakes are responsive and responsive


  • An assembly is required
  • May need some help with gearbox tweaking

This is really the top vehicle among the best bike for college students. Although it is a mountain bike, it is also an electronic urban bike. However, you don't need to spend a sizable amount of cash. The car is designed with an aluminum alloy frame, so it is very light.

The engine can reach up to 15mph. It is definitely faster than the other normal bicycle. It comes with a 250W multifunction disc allowing you to control the acceleration and deceleration modes. A 21-speed gearbox makes this electric bike more adaptable to the terrain.

This bike is equipped with a 36V removable lithium battery with 8AH large capacity and stability, so you can use it for a 15-30 mile trip after each charge.

It also has all the components you wouldn't normally get in another touring bike. It has many great features like a remote locking brake, rear rack time tooth bar, hydraulic powertrain, horn, taillights, and headlights. The seats can be adjusted to suit you best, along with an ergonomic steering wheel and anti-slip and anti-wear tires for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Once you sit on this bike, you really have no reason to leave it anymore. If you're ready, the Aceshin Folding Electric Bikes is a big, upgradable, lifespan step forward of a mid-range bike that won't cost you much.


  • Easy to use Handy
  • Compact and flexible
  • Full accessories
  • Affordable
  • The gears shift smoothly


  • None

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike is very sturdy, made up of a combination of ride quality and vehicle components. The chassis is made of 6061 aluminum, and the total weight is 11.34kg. In addition, the chassis design also improves movement and pedal efficiency. 

Like Libero 2.0, Forza also has a carbon fork, which helps to absorb better shock. The powertrain of the car is a combination of Shimano and Vilano. The front thread is Shimano Sora, while the rear thread is Shimano Tiagra, slightly better. The car's speedometer has 14 speeds, which allows you to fine-tune your speed in a variety of situations.

Forza 3.0's double-layered CNC wheelset makes your ride smoother. While many people are often tempted to upgrade their tires and wheels quickly, you will be completely satisfied with the wheels of this Forza 3.0.

In short, Forza 3.0 is one of the Best Bike For College Students in the $ 500 price range, offering you an attractive design, premium carbon fork, components, and gears from Shimano at a very reasonable price. Moreover, its style and color are also very eye-catching.


  • Beautiful frame
  • Good components can be upgraded
  • The assembly is quite simple


  • The wheels need to be adjusted a little before the brakes can be adjusted

Kent Thruster kz2600 dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26
  • 26 vollgefederte Aluminium MTB Rahmen
  • Gefederte Gabel 65 mm Travel

If you want a standard mountain bike for college students but still help you effectively while using it, then Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is the one you need to look for. It's cheaper than an old bike and comes with the essentials.

Basically, the Kent KZ2600 bike is made of an aluminum frame, so it's very lightweight. It comes with a 21-speed Shimano torsional drivetrain and levers with a three-piece crank. So you will be able to climb the hill and go down the hill smoothly.

There are, of course, both front and rear brakes. It comes with a standard sports seat. However, if you need extra cushioning, you can always change it. This bike is ideal for all terrains, such as high-grip wheels.


  • Attractive designs
  • Solid construction
  • The middle gear shifts smoothly
  • Great base
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy

If you don't take add-ons too seriously and want a bike to get you around, you definitely don't have to invest a lot of money on a bike. However, you still want a good quality bike that will withstand a variety of weather conditions.

This bike of the sixthreezero is not expensive, but it is trendy and of good quality. Especially for travel or tourism, it's not ideal for adventure terrain. It's a Derailleur 7-speed bike with rear brakes, front brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

The seats are padded, so you don't have to worry about pain, and the seats can be adjusted to give you the perfect fit. If you need an urban bike, this is a great option. The lower hatch makes getting in and out of your bike easy.


  • Lightweight
  • Arched and modern design
  • Thick wheels and tires


  • It can only withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds

For anyone looking for a nice urban commuter bike, the Retrospec Beaumont Bike is a great option. It is one of the best bikes for college students, with a price range of only $ 400. This is truly the lightest bike, so if you're looking for a bike that's easy to carry luggage while traveling, this one is perfect.

It has an integrated screwdriver and a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with handles mounted on it. Basically, it comes with everything you need on a road bike. It is also designed in a more efficient shape, so you get the most power and speed while cycling.

Retrospec Beaumont Bike comes with a comfortable saddle and durable bike wheel. You can build this bike yourself. However, a bike can work better if a specialist assembles it.


  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable


  • The rear-wheel brake clearance is too tight
  • The brakes are difficult to adjust

This bike comprises a high-quality powder-coated aluminum hardtail frame with high scratch resistance, providing standard aerodynamics. The highlight is the Zoom suspension combined with the Shimano 21-speed transmission system for smoother, more flexible switching.

The 21-speed Shimano powertrain provides a powerful shift, suitable for the trail, so you can get the confidence to ride at higher speeds suitable for racing. Competition. In addition, the sturdy 27.5-inch wheel system is perfect for novice sports bikes and perfect for your outing.

Aluminum alloy brakes with a high braking performance bring safety ability even when traveling on slippery terrain due to rain. That is why users can have a very safe experience.


  • The gearshift is easy to use
  • Affordable
  • It is assembled almost completely
  • Knobby tires grip the road and ground well
  • The high-quality suspension absorbs crashes with ease


  • A bit heavier than similar bikes, it is on the market
  • The saddle is quite uncomfortable

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Bike For College Students

You will definitely be stunned by many different types of vehicles such as MTB, Road Bike, Touring, BMX, Fixed gear, MTB divided into many smaller lines such as All mountain, Hardtail,... Is it difficult to buy the best bike for college students? We are going to give you our best tips to find the best ones that suit your needs.


With city terrain usually featuring pretty smooth roads, rarely having potholes, less shock, or fear of shock to the steering wheel, you can choose the city bike line that is the best.

The city bike is designed with a sporty, strong, slim, and delicate frame with the extremely lightweight. The tire is usually designed to be small, narrow with fewer spikes than MTB tires to glide quickly on smooth lines. In addition, the bike is also equipped with a speed changer to be able to go at a more flexible speed, reducing fatigue.

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You can also choose the Road bike series, which is designed to run at high speed, mainly used for road running, races. Road Bike tires are usually less spiky than city bikes, and the rims are lighter and more gliding. Equipped with a resting steering wheel so you can completely use the rest steering wheel when tired hands.

Besides the two commonly mentioned models, off-road vehicles are also used a lot in the city, typically with large and thick tires, excellent grip, and many large spines with outstanding grip ability, especially in mountainous technical terrain. If the street is not as smooth as potholes, it will handle better. But almost in terms of the weight of this bike is much larger than many city bicycles, so it isn't easy to achieve high speeds like the two lines of city bike and touring mentioned above.

Therefore, it is better to use it to ride with better shock absorption and damping capacity, or for those with a large weight, this car's capacity is better. Here is the hardtail line of the hard fork, equipped with only the front fork.

Based on your needs and preferences, choose the right bike for college students to ride in the city.

Frame And Material

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Currently, there are a lot of materials used to manufacture bicycle frames. Previously, it was mainly steel and aluminum frames, but super-light materials have been studied and applied in recent years, such as alloys of aluminum, carbon, or titanium.

  • The steel frame is a bit heavy and prone to rust if there is an oxidizing impact from the environment. The price of steel-frame bikes is quite low.
  • Aluminum and aluminum alloy frames are widely used due to their good weight, low price, and good impact resistance. High-quality bikes also use aluminum alloy frames such as 6061 or 7005.

  • Carbon and titanium frames are often used on high-end bikes because the cost of these frames is very high, but compensates for the ability to absorb shock very well, super lightweight. But if the budget is not a big deal for you, why not choose an ultra-light bike with the two materials mentioned above.


ucsb bikes storke tower sun mike eliason

This is very important when choosing the best bike for college students as it determines the comfort of the body while riding. The bike is too big for the body, so you'll always have to pedal with the stress. The bike sizes are too small for the body. You will have hunchbacks. Your legs will be bent at the knee joint many times, causing friction and electricity to the knee, prone to joint weight disease.

When cycling, you should adjust the saddle position to have the right size, the distance between the positions from the shoulder to the handlebar to have the most suitable position for the body.


Cycling in beautiful terrain like in a smooth city without a fork. Almost Road Bikes or City bikes are all using a hard fork.

If you choose a hardtail, you should choose a fork of the MTB with a journey from 120mm to 200mm, which is too good to practice sports.

Bicycle for a Student


Going to the city, you do not need to equip a car with too much speed. Usually, on the City bike line equipped with 7-8 sp, while for the Road line is from 18-22, and for the MTB line, there are 21-30. Depending on your needs, you can choose a speed that is right for you.


Usually, the V brake is equipped on Road Bike and City bike, but handling this brake when traveling in wet conditions is less effective than a disc brake.

Furthermore, V brakes are usually easier to maintain than disc brakes and cheaper to maintain. Depending on your choice of bike, you can choose a bike with the right brakes.

Wheels And Tires

A spiked tire can give you better friction, avoiding slipperiness when riding in wet road conditions. But that means your speed will be more limited. The best speed is still Road Bike bike, then city bike, and finally, MTB for the worst speed and slows down easily.

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But there is a weak point of Road Bike and city bike because the tire is quite thin, easily torn, and punctured when the road surface contains lots of macadam and pieces of glass or goes over the sidewalk. As for MTB, it is more limited than locking is more unlikely. The tire is also not slippery if riding in wet terrain but has a higher grip.


Depending on the distance you are traveling, a suitable saddle can be chosen. But do not choose too small a saddle because it can easily cause pressure on the genitals. Women should also choose a wider saddle because a woman's pelvis is often larger than men, prone to butt pain if they sit still small when facing a terrain shock.

Accessories And Other Components 

Should equip the following accessories to help you have the best experience.

Mudguard: Go in rainy conditions to prevent water from falling onto your clothes.

Highlights: Use night lights, LED tail lights, turn signals to ensure safety in traffic.

Lock: equip yourself with a wire lock to ensure safety to avoid your bike being stolen without a trace!

Horns and bells are also essential accessories for you to go in crowds.

The Bottom Line: My Pick For The Best Bike For College Students

After comparing things, we choose the best bike for college students to suit your needs.

Hopefully, this article can help you choose for yourself the best bike for college students. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.








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